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Kriegerskraal products:

Good quality Karoo lucerne and oat hay bales available.
Spence Nguni Stud
Spence Nguni Stud was established in 1996 and is a member of the Heritage Ngunis (Nguni Cattle cc). Our Nguni cattle have been acquired from a broad spectrum of breeders since the mid nineties representing most of the recognized eco types. They are selected for hardiness, fertility and mothering abilities creating a wide genetic base.
Dorpers - Commercial
We have been strictly selecting for hardiness, disease resistance and fertility in our dorper herd since 1988.
Indigenous Veld Goats - Commercial
Trying not to spoil or transform them out of existence as set out by the IVG Breeders Society.

The Spence family has been farming in the Camdeboo Valley for more than a century and on Kriegerskraal since 1918. 

Kriegerskraal Farm

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