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About us

About our farm:

1.  ALTITUDE - 750 - 1343m

2.  VEGETATION - Mixed sweet Karoo veld

3.  MANAGEMENT - All our herds are managed holistically with no supplementation, dipping or dosing.


The Spence family has been farming in the Camdeboo Valley for more than a century

and on Kriegerskraal since 1918. Our Nguni cattle have been acquired from a broad spectrum
of breeders since the mid nineties representing most of the recognized eco types. They are
selected for hardiness, fertility and mothering abilities creating a wide genetic base.


Currently: Nguni Cattle Breeder Society Senior Inspector
Past: Founding member of Karoo Nguni Club
Karoo Nguni Club Chairman
Karoo Nguni Club Committee Member


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  Kriegerskraal Farm